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Our only objective is to connect people to the loving family of Father God. From this connection all benefits of salvation naturally flow. Jesus is passionate about freely giving the treasures of pure innocence and complete acceptance to all in need. We fervently desire this freedom to be an intimate part of your life, today! After all, "It was for freedom that Christ set us free!" [Galatians 5:1]
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    Every man according as he purposes in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7
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Welcome to Beloved

Welcome to our church family where we are deeply dedicated to sharing with you and your family what God has given freely to us. We believe that this beautiful yet radical Gospel should be available to every single person because it is the power of God unto salvation. We are passionate to inspire you with the truths that you were created by a loving God who knows you and longs to be known by you, deeper and deeper every day.

We believe that through connecting with you we can assist you in building a Godly and rock solid foundation that cannot be shaken under ANY circumstance. We have a growing body filled with sincere and strongly dedicated servants who hunger to embrace you as you venture into your Divine Destiny. One of the greatest compliments that we continually receive from visitors is "People really love each other here... what a refreshing change...". This is also why many visitors decide to stay. Love never fails.

In addition, we likewise have understanding and personal experience with the issues and problems facing us all in today's world. We live, work and minister right here, with you, and are eternally dedicated to being a people available to you in any area of life. There is no problem or situation too big or small for our gracious Savior to overcome! We were founded on the truths of God's unconditional Love, amazing Grace and majestic Restoration available through the completed work of Jesus Christ. We hold firm to these life-changing foundations as we joyfully undertake our mission to you. If you have been looking for acceptance, healing and genuine purpose, then
welcome to your new family!

Beloved Church is

Where You Are Greatly Loved!

Beloved Lena Location
216 W Mason Street

[Sundays @ 9:30 am]
[Wednesdays @ 6 pm -- corporate prayer]

                  -- Discipleship classes begin @ 7 pm]
               -- Youth Group meets at 7 pm

Beloved Kids Services are Available
Beloved Lena is Church Main Office
Beloved Kids Services:
We offer services for our children on Saturday, Sundays, and Wednesdays. Please note:
Nursery: ages 6 weeks through 3 years
Kids' Church: ages 4 through 5th grade
Kids' Church is dismissed after worship